1 An Introduction to Verbs
Verb terminology
Subject Pronouns
Principles of conjugation
2 The Present Tense
Using the present tense
Regular -ar verbs
Regular -er verbs
Regular -ir verbs
More on subjects & pronouns
Present tense regular verbs - review
3 Forming Sentences
Asking questions
Forming negatives
Hay - there is/there are
4 Important Irregular Verbs
Estar - to be
Ser - to be too
Ser vs estar practice
Ir - to go
Tener - to have
Idioms using tener
Hacer - to do/to make
5 Modal Verbs
Deber, querer, poder, necesitar
Tener que
Compound verbs
The future using Ir
6 Stem Changing Verbs
o > ue
e > ie
e > i
7 Reflexive Verbs
Reflexive verbs
8 Verb Pitfalls
Saber vs. conocer
Traer vs. llevar
Dejar vs salir/irse
9 The Simple Future
The simple future
Irregular verbs in the future tense
Using the simple future
10 Conditional
Conditional tense - regular verbs
Conditional tense - irregular verbs
Conditional tense - usage
11 The Past Tenses
Introduction to the past tenses
Preterit regular verbs -ar
Preterit regular -er and -ir
Preterit - spelling changes
Preterit - stem changes
Preterit - irregular verbs
Preterit past usage
Imperfect past -ar verbs
Imperfect past -er -ir verbs
Imperfect - irregular verbs
Imperfect - usage
Contrasting preterit & imperfect
12 The Perfect Tenses
Intro to the perfect tenses
Past participles - regular
Past participles - irregular
The present perfect
The past perfect
13 The Progressive Tenses
Formation of gerunds - regular
Formation of gerunds - stem & spelling changes
Present progressive tense
14 The Subjunctive
Intro to the subjunctive
Present subjunctive - regular
Present subjunctive - stem changes
Present subjunctive - spelling changes
Present subjunctive - irregular verbs
Expressions of desire
Subjunctive - noun clauses
15 The Imperative
Intro to the imperative mood
Formal commands
Informal tú commands